/'koh-ee-oh/ n. the state of being in partnership.


Empowerment through transformative learning experiences.


To support schools, organizations & communities to learn + change + improve through facilitation, training, coaching, and design services.


We design processes that builds the capacity of participants to make sustained improvements.  We combine the experience and wisdom of participants with the latest research to ensure informed local solutions to local challenges.  Our approach involves:

  • Gathering needs assessment data to understand your goals, focus and current context

  • Integrating the Standards for Professional Learning developed by Learning Forward

  • Applying the latest research in education and professional learning

  • Incorporating best practices from adult learning and organizational development

  • Utilizing participatory methodologies

  • Applying stories, anecdotes, and case studies to give context to content 

  • Facilitating activities that allow participants to apply new learning

  • Planning actionable steps that can be applied immediately  

  • Integrating insight from fields such as organizational development, psychology, and design

  • Monitoring goals and evaluating progress

  • Providing sustained support and follow-up